GO4KIDDS - Great Outcomes for Kids Impacted by Severe Developmental Disabilities

CIHR Team GO4KIDDS: Great Outcomes for Kids Impacted by Severe Developmental Disabilities

The Great Outcomes for Kids Impacted by Severe Developmental Disabilities project (GO4KIDDS) was a 5-year research study funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) through the Bright Futures for Children with Disabilities initiative. The project was initiated by a group of researchers and clinicians who saw the need to provide a better understanding about the health, well-being and social inclusion of school-aged Canadian children with severe developmental disabilities (DD) and the experiences of their families. Together, the team of researchers and clinicians represented different sectors and disciplines, as well as a broad range of institutions and centres: four Universities, two hospitals and three treatment programs.

The children with severe developmental disabilities from across Canada we set out to study included: boys and girls, aged 6 to 18 with a wide range of diagnoses and, often, multiple disabilities/disorders. The children had a global intellectual disability, with IQs in the Moderate, Severe, or Profound range.  In addition, many of the children we studied had: genetic or other syndromes (e.g., Down syndrome, Rett syndrome), physical disabilities and disorders (e.g., cerebral palsy, seizures), sensory system limitations (e.g., deafness, vision impairments), autism, problem behaviour (e.g., aggression, self-injury), and/or mental health difficulties (e.g., anxiety, depression).

Our multidisciplinary team developed innovative methodological approaches to conduct much needed research about these children and their families. Through various surveys, interviews, observation and case studies, we set out to develop new knowledge that would have clear and direct implications for decisions made by families, service providers and policy makers.

The GO4KIDDS emerging team is committed to and invested in not only the research, but also the practical implications of the results of the various studies. We anticipate that collaborative relationships formed during this program of research will lead to the development of exciting new synergies and  future research endeavors.

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Data collection for the GO4KIDDS project is now finished and results are currently being analyzed and prepared for publication and dissemination. We extend our thanks to about 800 families of children with severe DD who generously gave of their time to participate in various aspects of our research. Our understanding from the input of these familieswill  bring us closer to achieving Great Outcomes for Kids with Severe Developmental Disabilities.

Over 30 Research Poster presentations are accessible already by clicking on the “News and Publications” tab in the blue bar above.Other results are still being analyzed. You will be able to find our research results updated here on our website as they become available.

We are happy to present the "Canadian Children with Severe Developmental Disabilities: A Survey of Health, Well-being and Social Inclusion". This report is the first of our research results. It reflects the experience of 400+ families who have children with severe developmental disabilities.

You can access the report here. Please feel free to pass the link along to other interested individuals or agencies.


Other Studies:

Mothers of children with developmental disabilities sought for study

Mothers of children with developmental disabilities are being sought to participate in a Maternal Experience with Developmental Disability study. Access more information here.

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