GO4KIDDS - Great Outcomes for Kids Impacted by Severe Developmental Disabilities

Objective 1: "Report Card" Survey

The “Report Card” surveys are now closed and results are being analyzed. Thank you to the 400+ families, from all across Canada, who participated by generously giving their time and their valuable input.


Basic Survey - This parent survey conducted in both English and French examined the general health, well-being and social inclusion of the child with severe DD and their parents, as well as some important determinants of these outcomes. You can see a summary of the findings from the Basic survey here.

Extended Survey - This survey took a more in-depth look at the same issues examined in the Basic survey and examined a broader range of determinants or factors that might be related to health, well-being, and social inclusion. Several papers are in preparation.

These parent surveys provided important new knowledge to fill gaps in the literature gap about these children and families. The results of these surveys have clear and direct relevance to individual parents, parent organizations, service providers, managers of health and social services, health care practitioners and policy makers throughout Canada. As well, we anticipate that many of the topics addressed briefly in the surveys provide foundational data that could lead to further research projects.